I don’t know what’s come over me but, I just can’t stop organizing. I’ve organized my entire condo including color coordinated closets, cabinets and shelves. I have organized both my actual desk top (wooden) and my computer desktop. I have organized my car, my purse, and my daily laptop bag. I even organized my wrapping paper and gift bag stash. Whew! Talk about spring cleaning.

In the spirit of all things organization, I thought it would be fun to paste a couple pictures of my favorite organized celebrity closet. Any guesses on the owner of the closet below? The answer is after the photo.

This amazing celebrity closet belongs to, Mariah Carey!

Today we associate the wedding dress to be white, but it wasn’t always like that.

The white wedding dress was made popular by Anne of Brittany in 1499. Before that, a woman just wore her best dress. In ancient days,  the color blue represented purity and the bride and groom would wear a blue band around the bottom of their wedding attire, hence something blue.

Bet you didn’t know that!? We didn’t either. :) Who knew Cinderella blue was popular before the tale.


Recently we were looking through one of our favorite photographers, Bryan Miller’s wedding albums and we saw photos of a couple who incorporated silhouettes as part of their wedding design. We instantly fell in love! The wedding Bryan shot had little silhouettes on their escort cards, invitations, and the couple had a woman come in and make silhouettes for the guests to take home. How cool!

This is definitely an up and coming trend – primarily because it’s nostalgic and reminds us of the good ol’ days. :)

Your gals of Eventity love silhouettes! Although, the last time Monica had her silhouette created was in kindergarten. Jenn on the other hand, recently had a pillow made by a designer on Etsy  the silhouette though is not of Jenn – it’s of her dog, Lola.

Special thanks to Bryan Miller for showing us an up and coming trend!

Photos courtesy of Bryan N. Miller Photography.

Have you heard the term Gobo and thought “What is that?” When we first started in this industry people would toss around that term but when we asked for the definition, no one knew what the acronym actually meant. Well, we just had to know so we did a little research (it didn’t take much) and below is what we learned.

The word gobo is an acronym for the phrase “Goes Before Optics.”

A gobo or gobos are a piece of flat steel or glass, which when placed in a lighting fixture projects the image that is on the gobo. The image can be a solid color, pattern, shape, design or even your monogram or name.

Below are some examples of well done gobo’s.


I am usually not a fan of bright colors (or any colors as a matter in fact). I am usually seen wearing black, gray or a tan-like color. When it comes to laundry – I hardly do a load of lights or whites, HA!

But this new up and coming wedding trend I love. So much so that I, a girl who no colorful outfits will be taking this into consideration when shopping for summer attire.

The color is, TANGERINE. Really, the color is super gorgeous and makes this brunette skin of mine glow. Of course, this obsession isn’t complete without logging on to Pinterest and “window shopping.” There are so many pins for outfits with tangerine incorporated into them and they are giving me endless ideas! Below are a few favorites of mine. Of course I’ll be wearing these looks once the weather gets warmer and I get a little bit tanner. ;)

Why not have your wedding in the morning?

Create a different spin on your nuptials and have it in the daytime rather than atnight. Have cinnamon rolls on a stick or make a signature drink using orange juice.The possibilities are endless, because after all, who doesn’t love breakfast!?


Lately, we have noticed that succulents have become popular for a variety of reasons and WE LOVE IT! We love the fact that just a simple plant can be the added “pop” to your wedding decor.

Still debating on whether or not succulents are right for you and your wedding? Below we listed a couple of reason why we love them.

  • They are sturdy and can be purchased weeks in advance (unlike standard centerpiece flowers).  Literally, we have some clients who purchase the succulents months in advance and care for and water them during the months approaching their wedding.
  • They require low water so they are fiscally and ecologically responsible. You have to love this especially in arid regions like San Diego, Palm Springs and Phoenix.
  • They are often used potted so they make incredible gifts for guests because they remain living long after the event.  Guests love to take the centerpieces and we suggest encouraging your guests to take the entire succulent pot with them.  When succulents arrive home, they can be placed in virtually any environment and thrive.  We both have a few on our home patios and they are perfect for the small spaces.
  • They are affordable so they fit into every budget.  Don’t let the formal appearance fool you, these little plants can be found at very affordable prices.  Big bang, small price tag.  Brides love it!
  • They come in a variety of colors themselves and can be easily complimented with colored ribbon or pots, a few colorful flowers, or even candles.  Although it’s not required, you can spruce up the succulent design by getting creative.

Need we say more? ;)



We must admit, we love the fact that statement necklaces (along with earrings) are becoming a trend. It’s a great way to add the extra pop to your wedding dress and leave your fiancé speechless as you walk down the aisle. : )

While we usually focus on the wedding planning and preparation, this topic was justtoo interesting to resist… especially since we received it from Monica’s boyfriend. After reading this we wondered if nowadays more couples do a pre-nup or if morego the traditional route and just for-go it?
According to this article, almost everyone needs a pre-nup… WOW?!

What are your thoughts? Will you be getting a pre-nup? Or is this just for celebrities?

Kick that parakeet out of its cage, clean it up a bit and put it out as décor at your wedding. Ok, we’re only kidding about kicking the bird out – let the little guy stay in his home and instead go out and buy abrand new clean cage.
Take a look at these inspirational photos for creative ideas on birdcage placement. So fun!