We didn’t lie, we told you we would be back talking about our Spring Photo Shoot. This time, our photo shoot is published on A Paper Proposal. Thank you to Sarah Kohler for featuring us.

Of course, the photo shoot wouldn’t have been such a HUGE success if it wasn’t to the vendors who were part of our team.

Venue: Villa De Flores in Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Photography: Found Creative Studio

Florals: Cherry Blossom Floral Designs

Cake: Hey There Cupcake!

Stationery: Nic. Roc Designs

Rentals: Teal Green Design and Classic Party Rentals

Cake Stand Rentals: The Sugar Rush Shop

Make Up and Model: Nicole from Masked By Nicole Miller

Jewerly:  Kasita

Dress: Here Comes The Bride

Thank you ladies for your help and for making the vision come true!


Monica + Jenn


Today, we would like to introduce you to a new duo, Jenny & Becca of Found Creative Studio.  Much like us, they are passionate about this industry and blessed with a job they love. Unlike us though, these two gals focus their efforts behind the camera as incredible wedding photographers!


Hello Eventity followers! Thanks for welcoming us into your community! Found Creative Studio is a female owned and operated photography business specializing in fashion, portraiture, advertising and wedding photography. We have an undying love of all things romantic, beautiful and inspiring!

Our story is one of fate!  Jenny and I (Becca) went to the same photography school in Santa Barbara and had mutual friends, but had never actually met.  Fast forward a few years, and Jenny hired me at another local photography studio in San Diego.  We spent our weekdays in the studio and our weekends shooting weddings together.  Instantly, we connected as a photographic team and as friends, and a year later, Found Creative Studio was born!  Jenny and I are very proud of the business we have built, the relationships we have fostered with our clients, and the smiles on their face when we produce incredible images for them.

Our average day is spent with tons of coffee!!!  We usually call or text each other in the morning to make sure everything is running on time, and then meet for more coffee and some breakfast snacks.  We’ll spend this time going over the days shoot schedule, creative ideas, and triple checking everything.  After that it’s off to the shoot!  After we finish up creating beautiful images for our clients, we make our way back to the studio, answer any emails, and call it a cocktail! We love the creative process of our job, from beginning to end is always the most fun and rewarding.  We get to meet new people, travel to new places, and do what we love every day!  How many people get to say that about their work?!  I couldn’t be happier with my “photo-wife.” We make a perfect team.  Jenny and I have a great balance of both creative and business minds, and a ton of love and support for one another.

One of the biggest challenges that we face is when a wedding runs behind schedule (this is where Eventity comes in!).  When our photo schedule get’s thrown off, we utilize what time we do have to get the best images possible.  It’s a thrill! Having us both there shooting really helps with this, as it allows us to literally be two places at once.  As wedding photographers, we are doing 1,000 things at one time.  You have to be creative and on your toes for every moment, while keeping a sense of calm for the bride, groom and guests. At the end of a good wedding, we are exhausted, but completely satisfied – it’s like running a marathon.

Hunter and Alison’s wedding at Presidio Park and the San Diego Zoo was an absolutely beautiful wedding that stands out to us the most, and not to mention the couple were amazing to work with.  Hunter had his polka-dot blue and white tie picked out before the bride even had thought about her dress!  It was really cool to see a groom so involved in the planning and wedding process!  Plus, how often do you get to shoot a groom with a monkey?

Our greatest accomplishment is having our business be successful!  The photography industry is so competitive, it’s awesome to be proud owners of a small business that has thrived the way we have, especially in the past year. Right now it’s Jenny and I running the whole show.  Occasionally we have our friend and fellow photographer shoot with us, Kristy Walker.  She is wonderfully talented and incredible to work with, and her photography is beautiful.  She is our go to if for some reason Jenny and I are unable to make a shoot.

Jenny and I are both passionate about our work, we truly care about every image we take, and are grateful for every person we meet along the way.  We are in love with what we do!

*** To learn more about Found Creative Studio, please visit their website here.**