In the wonderful world of make-up, BB Cream is the fabulous and oh so popular new kid on the block that everyone is raving about! If you find yourself wondering what this craze is all about, you’re not alone. In order to understand what all the fuss is you need to know the history of this wonderful product.
BB Cream has many aliases, ‘Beauty Balm’ and ‘Blemish Balm’ are also a couple of common names for it. BB Cream has been a beauty staple in Korea and Japan for years which is where it gained most of it’s exposure. However it was originally created in Germany by a dermatologist to aid in the recovery of patients who had under gone laser procedures and plastic surgery. Recently it seems like it is popping up on shelves everywhere here in the United States.
Women love BB Cream mainly because it’s extremely multifunctional. This product acts as your moisturizer, primer, SPF, and foundation all in one. Not to mention thatmost BB Creams are loaded with antioxidants and contain healing properties. In some cases, depending on the brand BB Cream can contain lightening agents which will brighten and balance uneven skin tones.
Now, I’m sure you are thinking that this sounds like everything you could ever dream of but before you rush out and buy a lifetime supply, there are a few things that you should take note of. One disadvantage is that there is not a very broad colorrange in which the product is offered. Most BB Creams do not offer colors suitablefor darker skin tones. While BB Cream is a great one step process for those whodon’t have much time in the morning, it is not a product which can cater to each andevery skin concern.
All in all, BB Cream is a wonderful all in one product for gals on the go! There are tons of new formulations on the market today, each with a little something different from the next.

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Let’s be real, being a woman doesn’t come cheap! I would love to share some amazing drugstore beauty finds that won’t break the bank!

“Revlon” ColorStay Foundation- I adore this product! It is extremely versatile and depending how it’s applied, it can either leave a sheer luminous finish or have a fuller coverage matte look. Either way it is beautiful!  It also comes in two different formulas, one for normal to dry skin and the other for combination to oily skin.

“Physicians Formula” Mosaic Bronzer- This multicolored bronzer gives a beautiful sun kissed glow with many shades to choose from.  Love it!

“Cetaphil” Moisturizer- This moisturizer comes in many different formulations to suit all skin types. Dermatologists originally formulated it and the end product is truly fantastic.

“NP Set” Eye Primer- Eye shadows and liners really stay in place when applied on top of this eye primer.  It’s better than many of the more expensive brands I’ve tried.

“NYX” Eye Shadow Pigments – Don’t let the price fool you, these loose powder eye shadows are full of pigment and are so easy to work with.

“Maybelline” Color Tattoo Cream Gel Eye Shadow- Oh how this stuff stays! It doesn’t budge even after a long day or night!

“Sally Hansen” Airbrush Legs- One of my absolute favorite products ever! This is basically makeup for the body; I not only use this on my legs but also on my arms and chest to even out skin tone and give a beautiful sheen. This is a must for brides!

“Elf” Makeup Brushes- These brushes are inexpensive yet they totally get the job done! They definitely don’t last forever but at a few bucks a pop, you can’t beat it!

The moral of this story is, drugstore options have come a long way over the years so don’t be afraid to venture out and see what Target, CVS, and others have to offer.  :)

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We didn’t lie, we told you we would be back talking about our Spring Photo Shoot. This time, our photo shoot is published on A Paper Proposal. Thank you to Sarah Kohler for featuring us.

Of course, the photo shoot wouldn’t have been such a HUGE success if it wasn’t to the vendors who were part of our team.

Venue: Villa De Flores in Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Photography: Found Creative Studio

Florals: Cherry Blossom Floral Designs

Cake: Hey There Cupcake!

Stationery: Nic. Roc Designs

Rentals: Teal Green Design and Classic Party Rentals

Cake Stand Rentals: The Sugar Rush Shop

Make Up and Model: Nicole from Masked By Nicole Miller

Jewerly:  Kasita

Dress: Here Comes The Bride

Thank you ladies for your help and for making the vision come true!


Monica + Jenn


Previously, Monica talked about the color tangerine and how it is going to be a hit in the year 2012. Well, if you needed more proof the color has now made its impact to make-upand hair. Our favorite make up artist, Nikki Miller tells us more on this pretty color and theproducts it’s influencing.
Pantone has named “Tangerine Tango” as the color of the year, and I couldn’t be more excited! I absolutely la-la-love orange tones!!! This gorgeous color looks amazing onpractically every skin tone, whether we are talking about clothing, accessories, or cosmetics.

At first sight this color can seem a bit too bold for some, but I urge you to give it a chanceand play with it. If a Tangerine Tango lip color is too dramatic for your taste, opt for a moresubtle approach. You can still incorporate it by using a blush or an eye shadow in a softer,but similar tone.

Sephora recently teamed up with Pantone to create an entire Tangerine Tango inspired make-up collection that will launch this Spring! I can’t wait for this collection to come out – better start saving your pennies because this is going be a good one!

Here are just a few of my favorite products that can add a pop of color (and happiness) to your life ;)

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Our favorite make up artist is at it again! Last year Nikki introduced Jenn and Monica to the Clairsonic. The Clairsonic has become a daily face wash routine to them. Now, Nikki is introducing another awesome product, called the Clairsonic Opal. We can’t wait to get our hands on one and get rid of those little lines…


Turn back the hands of time in as little as sixty seconds! The Clarisonic Opal combats visible signs of aging, and for that reason it just might be my new hero product! Just like the Clarisonic cleansing system, the Opal was also developed by the lead inventor of the Sonicare toothbrush. This system uses sonic technology with Clarisonic’s own Anti-Aging Serum to improve the skins elasticity and reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles around the eye area. This handheld device infuses products into the skin deeper and more effectively than you are able to do using your fingertips alone. The skin around our eyes is so incredibly delicate and most of us are way too rough when applying eye cream with our fingers, the Opal’s gentle vibrations wiggle the product deep down into the skin, delivering an immediately noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. But don’t be fooled, the Opal is not your average one trick pony…it can be used in conjunction with any eye cream, serum or moisturizer; and it has also been said to improve laugh and frown lines significantly as well as deep wrinkles above the upper lip! Serums and creams are absorbed deeper and more evenly, enhancing their ability to promote healthy, hydrated and younger looking skin.

A little secret, you can use the Opal in combination with any acne spot treatment on blemishes too!

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I just opened my front door to find that my new Birchbox has arrived and boy oh boy am I excited!  I recently subscribed to this wonderful website called Birchbox. I pay $10 each month and in return I get a super cute little box full of make-up, skincare, haircare, and fragrance samples. Each box contains 4 or 5 good sized samples.  I’m not talking about those little paper samples that you get one use out of.  These are good size samples that truly allow you to try the items.  This is so convenient to me because I am able to try dozens of products and learn which ones I love and which ones I don’t care for before purchasing them.  As you can imagine this saves me the hassle of making returns or exchanges.

It is very important to fill out the beauty profile card when subscribing so that you will receive products that are suitable for your skin type. Once you find a product that you just can’t live without, you can purchase it online through Birchbox (using points that you have accumulated through your purchases) or you can likely find it at your local Nordstrom, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Sephora, or Ulta.

Check out the website for additional details. :)

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At times it can be quite overwhelming when walking into a cosmetics department or make-up store. With so many products to choose from, how do you know which ones work the best without going through the tedious process of trial and error? Below is a list of my personal favorites that I feel very passionate about, I highly recommend all of them.

My Favorite Eye Cream- CAUDALIE “PREMIER CRU.” This eye cream is absolutely incredible! Within minutes of applying it, my dark circles disappear and the area is brighter and tighter than ever! It is free of parabens, sulfates, and synthetic dyes too!

My Favorite Face Primer- TOO FACED “PRIMED AND PORELESS.” This primer creates a beautifully smooth canvas for any foundation or powder. It leaves the skin looking flawless and finishes matte.

My Favorite Powder- SMASHBOX “HALO.” Halo powder delivers powerful anti-aging benefits while hydrating and revitalizing the skin.

My Favorite Concealer- Amazing Cosmetics “AMAZING CONCEALER.” This concealer won an Editors Choice Award in Allure magazine! Beauty Insider calls it the “magic eraser”.

My Favorite Eyeliner- STILA “SMUDGE STICK.” If you’re looking for an eyeliner that lasts all day long and stays exactly where you put it, then this is definitely the eyeliner for you!

My Favorite Eyelash Curler- TARTE “PICTURE PERFECT EYELASH CURLER.” Curling your eyelashes really can make such a huge impact on your face. It immediately makes you look more awake an bright eyed. This eyelash curler has a silicone pad which gives an amazing curl without pinching or pulling.

My Favorite Blush- MAC “BLUSH” in MARGIN. Margin is an absolutely gorgeous color that looks beautiful on every skin tone and goes with everything. It is described as a “peach with a golden shimmer”. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love it!

My Favorite Lip Liner- CARGO “REVERSE LIPLINER.” We all know how frustrating it can be trying to find that perfect lip liner to match with your favorite unique lipstick. Cargo has come out with this incredible nude colored reverse lip liner that can be worn with any color under the rainbow! It is applied and blended just outside of the lip line to give definition and leave a crisp clean line. It also helps to keep lip color in place and prevents it from traveling or feathering.

My Favorite Lip Balm- C.O. BIGELO “MENTHA LIP BALM STICK SPF15.” If you are a Chapstick girl, I’m right there with you sister!!! I like to consider myself a fine lip balm connoisseur! This lip balm comes in a stick form and leaves a silky smooth matte finish along with hours of hydration. It is not waxy or greasy. And it smells and tastes wonderful!

My Favorite Self Tanner- “FAKE BAKE.” I have tried multiple self tanning products from Fake Bake and love all of them! They produce a beautiful bronze, golden tan without any traces of orange whatsoever.

My Favorite Top Coat- “SECHE VITE TOP COAT.” Acknowledged by in Instyle Magazine’s Best Beauty Buys and widely described as the “worlds finest top coat”. It gives a very durable finish and is guaranteed not to yellow.

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By now, many of you have probably heard of the heaven sent skincare system Clarisonic… It’s all the buzz, even Dr. Oz and Oprah are raving about it! But with so many new and seemingly similar handheld cleansing devices on the market nowadays, you may be tempted to opt for the significantly less expensive drugstore brand and call it a day. Let me explain the difference with the Clarisonic and also why you get much more bang for your buck if you are willing to splurge a little…

Most of us don’t put enough time or effort into cleansing our skin. More often than not, there is still dirt, oil and make-up left behind after manually cleansing our face.  This eventually builds up in our pores until a blackhead forms or a breakout occurs. This also can prevent your moisturizers, acne treatments, serums, etc. from doing their job. If these products are unable to penetrate deep down into the skin, they will not produce maximum results.

The Clarisonic cleansing system uses a patented sonic technology that works with the skins elasticity. The bristles on the Clarisonic brush head move back and forth at 300 movements per second to gently and effectively cleanse the skin and pores, removing 6X more makeup and 2X more dirt and oil than manual cleansing with soap and water. 

Other cleansing devices spin in a circular motion, rather than back and forth. While you will still achieve a much higher level of cleanliness and exfoliation of dead skin cells than with manual cleansing, it will not extract nearly as much build up from the pores.

Clarisonic devices are rechargeable and waterproof. Several different brush head attachments are available, all which will cater to different skin types, as well as a body brush head. While some Clarisonic products come with a hefty price tag, rest assured knowing that they also come with a 90 day money back guarantee and a 1-2 year warranty. Clarisonic is changing the way we cleanse our skin…”One minute a day for the best skin of your life”.

Looking to make a purchase and have clearer skin? Purchase it here! Jenn already has! : )

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Eventity would love to extend a warm welcome to another wonderful San Diego make-up artist we had the pleasure to work with, Nikki Miller, owner and makeup artist at Masked by Nicole Miller.  Nikki, like Jennifer Flanagan from Stila, is going to be a regular Eventity blog contributor, offering tips and tricks on a variety of topics.

Take it away Nikki…


Make-up does wonderful things…I am a firm believer that there’s nothing that a little bit of lip gloss or some mascara can’t fix!!!

I am a certified make-up artist and a licensed cosmetologist with a long time L-O-V-E for all things beauty. Yes, I was that little girl who in 5th grade frequently snuck into my mom’s make-up drawer and put excessive amounts of eye shadow and lipstick on myself and other 10 year old girls while on the bus to school. There’s not a doubt in my mind when I say that I’m sure we looked absolutely fabulous HAHA!!!

Fast forward ten years and I found myself at one of the most prestigious make-up schools in the United States, M.U.D (Make-up Designory). There I studied under some AMAZING make-up artists who had TV shows such as “Prison Break” and “The Shield” as well as movies like “Planet of the Apes” under their belts. I put in a few years as an artist with MAC and also as an arch expert for Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar but most recently pursued my dream of starting my own business!

I absolutely love going to work each day. Whether I am shaping eyebrows, airbrush tanning, or teaching a make-up lesson I am loving every second of it. I will pass along the “Tips & Tricks” that I have learned over the years to absolutely anyone who will listen. Weddings are what I look forward to even though in most cases I am not a guest, but a make-up artist who arrives at the venue in the wee hours of the morning to help the bride look her absolute best on her big day.


If I can give one piece of advice to clients who are eager to learn more about make-up, it would be “forget about all of the rules”, there are no rules in make-up. : )

- Nikki – Masked by Nicole Miller