Ever since Kevin and I moved in together I have loved finding new recipes to cook for dinner. While some nights I just go with the easy recipes that I know by heart, on the other days I pull out my bible, Rachael Ray’s “My Year in Meals.” I am such a big fan of Rachael Ray that I have even subscribed to her Every Day magazine and honestly; I get excited when it comes in the mail. Ha!

My style of cooking is not “following the recipe.” While I still get the ingredients from the cookbook I like to add my ideas into the mix. Basically, cookbooks are my guide and if I want to add my spin then I do.

Though there is a con to this approach, sometimes I cook something so tasty and then I can’t repeat it as I don’t remember how much of what I put in to the dish. What a problem right?!



We are always on the hunt for cost-saving items that can help our clients save some dough on their wedding. After all, weddings are about love, not debt. :)

Today, we are sharing our tips on how to save money on the bar – which is most likely one of the more expensive areas of your wedding.

Below are our suggestions:

* Create a specialty cocktail to stretch pricey liquors. Give it a creative name while you’re at it.
* Full bar is not always necessary, skimp on the less requested spirits such asscotch or whiskey.
* Instead of a champagne toasts have guests toast to the drink they’re already drinking.
* Beer Cocktails. Yes it exists.
* If your venue allows it, buy your own alcohol.
* Ditch hard liquor. Having only beer and wine will cut the costs… dare we say it, IN HALF!
* Get away with cheaper wines by serving sangria. Yum.

Looking for ways to make the bar at your wedding or party unique? Well, send a huge thank you to Rachael Ray because on her show last Monday she and Brooke Peterson showed us a GREAT DIY drink bar.  This incredible approach encourages guests to mix their own drinks – how fun!! Click here to see the segment.